Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today I spent the day in bed sleeping instead of out and about working or doing schoolwork like I should. I do have a excuse though. I'm sick. I wish I was faking so I could've had some fun, but I wasn't.

I did have a really exciting dream which I can't remember. I was chased by people (skinheads I think), I smoked (a lot) of pot, I broke some expensive chintzy glassware.

The one specific thing I do remember is meeting a pretty dark haired girl who was wearing a blue Adidas jacket. She was with a friend, making a film or something because she had a video camera that recorded directly onto mini CD, which I thought was nifty. Well, like pretty much all pretty girls she didn't like me, and thought I was a jerk. I liked her, I thought she was hot. I don't remember how I talked her around, but somehow I did. I was just about to kiss her when I woke up, which really disappointed me. That and I appear still be sick.

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